maldives 4set

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On a very normal day, for boys and men
underwear system..

The touch on the skin is very soft,
The comfort of wearing it is natural.
The elastic material can cover any body shape,
There are almost no seams, so it is comfortable to wear.
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ordinary maldives set

brown-off green / light blue-light pink 

beige-black / pinkred-marineblue







Size : FREE (85-105)

            Waist 32cm, total length 25cm, thigh 21cm

Material: nylon_82%  polyester_10%  elastan_8%

Weight : 60g

Made in China

Manufacturer: 617.


Washing method and handling precautions:

Hand wash in lukewarm water (30 degrees).

In case of dark color to prevent migration. Wash separately.

Use of bleach may cause discoloration.

Do not iron.

If you use a washer dryer, the product may be swamped.


maldives 4set

36.04 USD
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Out of Stock
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